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Monday, April 28, 2014

how to drink all the beer you want and not get drunk .

felecia187 it has finally happened someone has come up with a way to drink all the beer you want and not get drunk , you will still blow over the limit so do not think you can drink and drive after you try this , DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE .
 now that you are still here you will not have a hangover in the morning when you do this , but it only works with beer it dose not work for other alcohols , you take on teaspoon per beer and you mix dry yeast into a yogurt , so if you are going to have ten beer all night you will mix in ten teaspoon full of DRY YEAST  , now how dose this work well instead of your liver separating the parts of the alcohol into carbon , hydrogen , and oxygen the yeast which is all ready in your system dose the separation before your body dose and in turn this prevents the affects of alcohol from giving you a hang over , now the enzyme in the yeast is called [ ADH ] for short , you can also take the white powder of yeast with you but make sure you take one teaspoon full before you drink the beer , doing this will prevent you from having a hang over in the morning , DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE , enjoy 

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