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Monday, April 7, 2014

how to lose on the stock market and make a bundle .

felecia187 remember knowledge is power and in this case also money , you can buy stock in a company that might fail and make even more when it dose , her is how it work you buy the stock , and then you buy the insurance , that is right you heard me insurance so if the stock fails you still make money this is a win win and it is legal , they do this all the time .
 now if you have a lot of money and i mean a lot of money you can buy gold for one price and sell it to another exchange for a higher price you could do this all day and some people do and they make a lot of money and it has % 0 risk not kidding .
the biggest gambling casino in the world is the stock exchange ask anyone who has lost millions .
if you really want to make money you have to learn to do it yourself , because when you give your money to someone to make money for you they are the ones that make the most for them not you ,
some people are really stupid when they do this but hear goes you start a company and make it make a lot of money then someone tells you that you can make even more if you go public with your company , so lets say your company is worth $ 100,000,000 now you go and put that company on the stock exchange , well you just rolled the dice and lost , this is how you lost when you put your company on the stock exchange you no longer own it the stock holder owns is and you are only allowed to have so many shares for your self , you may have the most shares but this gets better if someone else obtains as little as five percent of the company's shares then they own it not you , because five percent gives them controlling interest , so before you blow a hundred million dollars do your homework , there are many ways to make money on the stock exchange these are only a few , so remember do your homework , learn to invest your own money do not give it to someone else to and like every casino set your limits , enjoy .

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