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Friday, April 4, 2014

how to make lipstick out of crayons .

felecia187 pink pretty color hey we will use this color OK here goes you will need .
crayons .
coconut oil .
teaspoon .
small plastic containers .
 double boiler , stove .
 take the crayon how about the pink one and take the paper wrapping of the crayon , now take two inches of the crayon and put it into the double boiler add one teaspoon full of coconut oil , and set the boiler to med high heat , the crayon will melt and you will stir the crayon and the coconut oil together till it is completely mixed , now pour the mix into a small plastic container , let it set and become cool , then take your finger and dip it into the new lipstick and add it to your lips , cheap , fun .  and easy , crayons are non toxic so do not worry about if this is save . enjoy .  

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