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Monday, April 7, 2014

how to make our roads safer .

felecia187 you need a witness to an accident can't find one or they drove away , you know you had the right of way but can't prove it , solution buy your self a dash cam and install it now when you start driving turn it on then you do not have to worry about who was at fault , this makes it very bad for the road rag idiot that slammed on his brakes in front of you at 70 mph , after cutting you off , put one in the back window that way you can show the police who was tailgating you at 70 mph and only was two feet from your back bumper , or the idiot who was on there cell phone when they hit you , i could do this all day , i just uploaded a ten second video on my video page about a women on her cell phone , so be careful because i make money on idiots like this , and if the RCMP are watching my videos then they are handing out  tickets , i am not the only one there is a man in Calgary Alberta Canada that has his dash cam uploading to a live video stream on the internet and the RCMP are watching his live steam and handing out tickets , just think if there were enough people with streaming live dash cams we could put the RCMP on a different patrol , like finding drug pushers , web cams have been used to charge people in riots like the one in Vancouver B.C. so video is starting to make people famous for being idiots and also getting them charged , and making people like me money , you do not need permission to upload these videos because the criminal is not allowed to prosper from committing a crime but you are allowed to make money off the idiot in your video news is news no matter who video it , enjoy .     

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