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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

making money with your videos .

felecia187 so a 14 year old girl started making cosmetic videos and posting them on line she now makes get this $ 40,000 per month , you tube can make you lots of money , there is one that has 25,000,000 subs he makes seven videos per day , how much dose he make millions per year , this is the most fun you can have , you make a video post it tweak it and that's it now it makes you money for doing nothing , it is like doing a commercial for TV you work two days to do the commercial and if it goes national you get $ 250,000 for the year they showed it on TV , once the video is uploaded it makes you money for doing nothing , everybody has something they want to share with the world the best money you can make is the money you had fun making .enjoy 

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