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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ontario women kills kid then sues parents

felecia187 so it was a dark road that was narrow , she is driving along at 1:30 am and then three kids on bikes get in front of her car , she didn't have time to stop she was not charged , she killed one , permanently injured another and the third one was unharmed , so the parents are suing her for the death and injuries suffered by there kids , she is suing the parents for suffering undo stress that will affect her for the rest of her life , so is she right to sue the dead kids parents this is causing some controversy for both sides , she didn't hurt anyone on purpose this was an accident  on her part , the kids were kids stupid in other words , but kids none the less , one of my questions is what were these kids doing out on bikes at 1:30 am with no bike lights , and why were they not at home at this hour , maybe the parents could be at fault , what do you think . enjoy .

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