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Thursday, April 3, 2014

part 6 Malaysia flight 370.

felecia187 if i am right in my last post then this is what the USA  is going to do , they have got to kill the story of Philip Wood , make it go away , now in order to do this the USA  has got  to manipulate the press , they do this by creating a story that takes our attention away from Woods and gets people involved with viewing something else , they did this with Brittany Spears , so they have got to make a story big enough to do this , and when the heat gets to much for the USA  they will do everything they can to do this don't let the USA  get away with the murder of 239 people , make Woods the biggest story since world war two , after all it is our governments of the world that start wars not the people take the USA and IRAQ NOW YOU ARE GETTING IT . enjoy .

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