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Friday, April 11, 2014

Penhold Alberta Canada fire .

felecia187 on April 10 . 2014 about 5 pm in Penold Alberta Canada a fire broke out at the apartment building on the south side of town i filmed it and will post to my video upload site , this fire started fast and got real big real fast the four story building was in golfed in flames very quickly , there was black smoke that went two hundred feet into the air , the fire truck was there in about 15 min but they had a hard time finding the fire hydrant there was fire trucks from Red Deer , Innisfail , and Springbrook , they had the fire under control in about one hour but it was not entirely out yet i do not know if anyone was hurt , lets hope these people who lived there had insurance i know i do it comes in handy when something like this happens , we will know more tomorrow , enjoy   

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