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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quebec language law struck down .

felecia187 score one for the big guys , several store chains took the Quebec language law to court and won the judge stated that there store front signs did not go against the Quebec language laws and that they could keep there store front signs , so Quebec , got there butt kicked in the provincial election and now they get there butt kicked with there communist language law , personal the families of Alberta want there $ 7,000 a year back that we give to the people of Quebec , they should of had a vote that everyone in Canada could vote to keep Quebec and see what would happen with this one , it is amazing how the Quebec communist hay what else would you like to call them , have to impose laws to keep the fastest dying language alive in the world , if they stopped this garbage about there rights to french language and stop trying to separate , and get on with running the province then maybe they could make the province of Quebec more profitable , so everyone else in Canada would not have to support them anymore , and stop there bull wine about everything stupid about there government , but know they want to be like the oldest child , and you should treat the oldest child like the first pancake you throw it out , you get the point ,enjoy 

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