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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rubin Carter [hurricane ]

felecia187 this was a bad live this was a great live the live of the hurricane he did twenty years for a murder he did not commit he was set free and his conviction was finally over turned , even thou his live sucked for twenty years he became very wealthy , and a champion for true justice , there are more people like him behind bars for crimes they have not committed , which is a great waste of our tax dollars and in some cases like Mr . Carters we as tax payers still have to pay for the time they lost there lives while be hind bars , this story of this great man has not changed this corrupt system one little bit , Gorge Bush's brother when he was the senator of Texas had DNA  test done on all the people in the state of Texas on death row , SURPRISE  fifty percent of them were found not guilty , so the death sentence in Texas has been stayed this was the only thing that was good that any Bush ever did , so how to fix a system that is so much bull well first in order to fix something you first have to bread it , enjoy .    

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