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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

smoking facts non smokers do not want to hear .

felecia187 black for your lungs get it oh you will , any how the non smokers are declaring them selves winners when it comes to get people to stop smoking ha ha , bull they state that the percentage of people that smoke world wide is on the decline , this is a fact sort of because the truth is the population is getting bigger which means that the same number of people smoking 30 years ago is the same number of people smoking to day , and the tobacco companies are making more money then ever because when the government raises the tax on smokes the tobacco companies also raise there price to get even a bigger cut , the reason tobacco companies can do this is because they are a cash cow for the tax man , money talks and the government really doesn't care if you quit smoking because they are going to make money by suing the tobacco companies and taxing them win win for the tax man , so lite up and give even more of your hard earned money to the tax man at $ 15.00 pack and a pack a day at-least that comes to $ 5475.00 a year or for a working life time of 30 years $ 164,250.00 so if you banked the money in 30 years you would have saved over $ 700,000.00 this includes interest for your retirement , but hay stats show that if you are a smoker you will die before you retire at 70 which is the age of retirement in Canada and if you manage to live that long as a smoker you will be hooked up to a oxygen tank , can't walk a block , you get premature wrinkles , grey tint to your skin you know the rest , did you know a doctor can tell if you smoke from more then 40 feet away , your choice , the price of smokes will continue to rise so the savings would also your retirement could be financed on you quitting smoking and saving the price of one pack a day at the days price you could retire will over a million and live to spend it will the great health you would have , in the money talks , dose it talk LOUD enough to you , enjoy .      

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