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Friday, April 4, 2014

the truth about global warming .

felecia187 this global warming stuff is so much bull , in Canada we have just had one of the worst winters in years , see how i said that , it goes like this even though the winter was cold long and unbearable they always compare it to winters of long ago , so this time they are saying things like worst winter in a hundred years , or coldest winter in thirty years , well the truth is in the way they say that global warming is heating up the earth then why do we have the same cold winters that we had hundreds of years ago ? we had a record amount of snow fall top three on that one , broke temperature records for being the coldest , so where is the heat from global warming , because i don't feel any here , if the planet were really heating up then why is it getting colder , in winter summer spring and fall , you think the temperature would be on the rise not the falling , how much money are they making with there myth of global warming , and who is making money off this bull ? enjoy .

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