Thursday, May 15, 2014

2013 Calgary flood facts

felecia187 Calgary Alberta Canada in 2013 got hit with the biggest flood it has ever seen now the numbers .
 25 % of the province was flooded .
 2,300 Canadian troops were deployed .
 32 state of emergency declared .
 1,000 km of roads destroyed .
 six billion dollar price tag .
 120,000 people forced to evacuate .
 4 people drowned .
 4,000 downtown businesses affected ,
 14,500 house damaged ,
 over 200 millimeters of rain fell on the rocky mountains ,
 Calgary set a record for rain fall June 21 45 millimeters of rain fell in a single day ,
 Bow river crested at 1,682 cubic meters per second on June 21 , the normal flow rate is 160 to 180 during spring thaw .
i posted the video of the aftermath of this flood on my video page , the good news is that over 100,000 people who were not affected by the flood showed up to help the flood victims clean the mud and destroyed belongings from the homes that were affected , in my video i show you how high the water went in to there homes yes it went way past the basement and even as high as there first floor a lot of houses have been bought out by the government and you can no longer get them insured , was global warming a factor , not , enjoy . 

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