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Saturday, May 3, 2014

a little truth about the Canada housing market

felecia187 so you want to buy a house and the average price is $ 504,000 this is in Calgary so most people will buy condos at a much lower price , so get smart get knowledge because knowledge is power and will save you money , OK here goes when you take the million dollar homes out of the market your average house in Calgary falls like a rock , you can pay $ 350,000 for a condo , or if you look a little harder you can find great houses in Calgary for $ 250,000 not kidding , there are lots of single family homes for a great price that you can afford , take the numbers condo + condo fees + taxes = $4,500 per month or single family home + taxes = $2,500 per month which can you afford ? i do not see the housing market crashing but i do see the condo market having problems in the near future this is because a condo is nothing more then a over priced apartment , think of the noise you have to put up with in a condo compared to a house , the advantages of owning a house over a condo is huge and when the condo market crashes the house will go up in value before you buy get the knowledge and enjoy your not so noisy house , and the yard that comes with it ,don't believe all Realtor after all they make more on the bigger price houses then they do on the lower ones , they could be as low as a car dealer so think before you buy after all it is your money , enjoy .

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