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Thursday, May 15, 2014

how to dye your hair with jello

felecia187 yes you heard me right how to dye your hair with jello , so you will need to put water on the stove about two liters worth and bring to a boil , now pour your jello in to the boiling water , after the jello has been dissolved , you then pour it into a bowl , now you place on the table and sit in a chair and put your hair into the bowl with jello the longer you leave your hair in the jello the darker your hair will become , about 30 minutes for most depending on how dark you want it to be , this dye job will last about one month , so what color are you going to dye your jello hair ,OH one more thing you must get the sugar free jello because the one with sugar will leave your hair all sticky , and the sugar free one will not , enjoy 

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