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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Indian casino in Calgary Alberta Canada

felecia187 so the reservation in Calgary got $240.000.000 so the ring road can go threw , they also have a casino now before all this started the casino paid out big time someone was always winning , but now that they have started to build a hotel next to the casino and with all the money they got from the city no one wins anything anymore , they don't pay taxes on any of the money made at the casino they could put 80 per cent back into the games and still make a whole lot of money but now they just got greedy just like the white man , i was there when two women won $22,000 , i was there when a man playing won over $400,000 i even won money , but now the money is going into the pockets of thieves there casino is no longer as popular as it used to be , there people still live in poverty well the chief and there members rake in millions what gives when you can not even help your own kind , OH and the government is still giving them even more money , this band used to own downtown Calgary not kidding so they sold all that land which was making them millions a year in revenue , but there people still starve what gives , send your people to college motivate them educate them and give them a fair share of the wealth , knowledge is power so show your people how to get empowered , and put more money back into the machines this will get more people to go to your casino and make you more money DUH , enjoy 

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