Thursday, May 22, 2014

Omar Khadr being sued for 50 million dollars

felecia187 this sick murder should be hung until dead , so this is what is going on he in now in prison in Bowden Alberta Canada which is twenty minutes from where i live , the Bowden prison is for sex offenders yeah you heard me right it is also minimal security , this scum should be at Spy Hill prison in Calgary Alberta Canada where they eat people like this for lunch , any how he is suing us Canadians for violations of his rights by the Canadian intelligence for $20.000.000 , while the widow of Sgt Christopher is suing him for $50.000.000 he has no defense because he pleaded guilty for the murder of several men two of which he murder in front of his dad to get his dads approval this is a full blown terrorist that is bragging about what he is doing to the Canadian justice system , what happened to Stephen Harpers tough on crime ? a butcher is butcher no matter how old he was or is , enjoy .

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