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Saturday, May 10, 2014

ten ways to get rid of mosquitoes

felecia187 they are blood thirsty creatures that carry disease and if you have a friend like me you are very lucky , because mosquitoes will prefer me over you no i am not kidding ,
 1, get rid of free standing water in your yard ,
 2,garlic mix one part garlic juice with five parts water and put in a spray bottle , spray on your self , 
 3,catnip oil repeals them better then deet .
 4,get or build a bat house and hang it out side your house they can eat hundreds of bugs an hour .
 5,throw rosemary or sage on your barbecuing and it will keep them at bay .
 6,use fans around your outdoor play area , a wind of less then two miles per hour will blow them away because they suck at flying .
 7,plant lemon grass in your yard it makes it hard for them to find you because of the strong sent it gives of it masks your breath which is how they find you in the first place .
 8,they say to use bug lights , but the truth be told you kill more of the bugs that eat them they you kill mosquitoes so i say stay away from bug lights , you will find a lot more moths in a bug light they you will find mosquitoes , and moths eat them .
 9,wear light colors , don't wear perfumes they are attracted to it .

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