Thursday, May 22, 2014

the truth about charity lottery in Canada

felecia187 they should have better rules for charity lottery in Canada , here in Canada you do not pay tax on a windfall so all the prizes that are won in these lotteries are free , this is good , your odds of winning a prize in a charity lottery in Canada are better then the state lottery , this is even better , now the down side , tickets will cost you any where between $10.00 to $100.00 per ticket you can also get group tickets at a discount like instead of one ticket for $100.00 you can get three for $200.00 , the cost to buy a ticket is high , now the real awe-full truth is that the charity that is selling the tickets to raise money for sick kids , air ambulance and things like that do not get as much money as you might think the children lottery only gets about 4% on the dollar the rest goes to advertising , phone centers and the one running the lottery , now i think that most of the money should go to what they are selling tickets for not everyone but them , it is better to donate your money directly to the charity because then 70% will go to where it is suppose to go in the first place and you can write it off on your taxes , but you can not write of the lottery ticket , enjoy . 

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