Friday, May 16, 2014

weird foods we love

felecia187 so you have a craving for something weird , like pickles and ice-cream , deep fried chicken , orange and onion sandwiches , these cravings could be telling your body that you lack something such as not enough salt in your diet , or you are pregnant , people who smoke prefer salty foods , which is stupid because people who smoke only taste the salt never the food , what is your craving , some of mine and i have many , peanut butter and pork and beans together , a large amount of cookies , chocolate milk , and apple sauce , i used to soak up chicken noodle soup with crackers then pout in ketchup , i did this until i found out that i have an allergy to tomatoes , bummer ,if you have a craving like the ones here your just normal and probable need adventure in your life so enjoy .

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