Saturday, May 3, 2014

where stupid people live

felecia187 people will buy homes in very dumb places , they even pay a large amount of money for them , 
 tornado , they call this one tornado alley it is around Kansas in the USA they destroy homes every year , now why do they not make homes that are aerodynamic , or they could build them under ground , houses in Canada are not insured if you build them in place that they get destroyed on a regular bases .
 flood zones , really and then they will not leave there home and end up drowning , take New Orleans need i say anymore , they have made banks along the river that are over 40 feet high , they are just asking for it move already .
 war torn countries where religion is the problem , your house gets fire bombed , your family gets shot or are shooting people , get the hell out ,
ocean front property oh and this one can cost you millions to own and yet the storms can destroy your home in a matter of seconds not to say that the shore line is coming closer and closer to your home every year , 
in the end when you buy a stupid property you pay way to much , if you want to live there then build it to with stand the environment you want to live in , enjoy 

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