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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Canadian hockey is fixed

felecia187 ever since the last deal that was made no Canadian hockey team has won the USA Oh i mean Stanley cup how many years has that been ? so this is how it works you will get  Canadian teams into the play offs , but when it comes down to the last two it will be the USA  team that wins , they are playing on stupid people to watch a game that is fixed , they get Canadians to watch to the end which is not very much anymore , then the USA  will be the ones that really bring in the views , why ? because the USA  has ten times more people watching and ten times more people mean ten times the money in viewers , this is the only reason that Canadian hockey is fixed , because of the money they can get when they get the USA  to watch , money talks , but the Canadian people are stupid enough to buy into it , it is like a bad soap opera that never changes , i see hockey rinks put up in every Canadian city every winter and no one uses them , most kids in Canada don't even own a set of skates , let alone how to use them , this setting up hockey rinks every year is a great way to waste the tax payers money , so when are Canadians going to get smart about this ? most parents think that to get there kids into hockey is a financial burden and most Canadians would agree , hockey is getting to be like golf every one will watch the tiger but no one will buy the equipment , some Canadians will watch hockey but most will not put there kids in it , i wonder what would happen if drunk , pizza eating people in Canada stopped watching hockey ? and we tax payers stop putting up hockey rinks no one uses , although you could make money on this because if i were to bet on a winning hockey team i would bet against the Canadian team to win and i would make a lot of money doing so i could go on but i will do that later , enjoy .

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