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Sunday, June 22, 2014

ducks killed two people

felecia187 so this women named Emma Czornobaj stopped on a hyway to save ducks crossing the road , her hazzards are on and her door is open , she is not on the side of the road , she is half way in the lane of traffic and half way on the side of the road , now to motor bikes ram into her car from behind , the wife is on one bike and she survived the husband and daughter are on the other motor bike they both die at the scene , both bikes are 20 kph over the speed limit so they are speeding there is no intent to conviced the women of the car helping the ducks of any crime , but gets convicted of manslaughter she faces fourteen years in prison for helping ducks across the road this happened in Qubec , this is one of the first times someone has been convicted of any crime with out intent so dose your insurance cover everything ? No , drive saver and enjoy .

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