Monday, June 16, 2014

hair facts does and don'ts

felecia187 should you brush your hair often ? no because it pulls out more hair . will hair products repair split ends ? no the only way to get rid of spit ends is to cut them . will pulling grey hair out cause you to grow more grey hair ? no . will shaving cause your hair to grow back thicker ? no . are you stuck with your hair texture from birth ? no diet and stress will change that . should you brush your hair from your roots to the tips ? no you should start from your tips and work your way up . so you have to wash your hair everyday ? no because it will cause your hair to dry out because your hair has natural oils in it . will trimming your hair make it grow faster ? no and who thought it would come on . dose washing your hair twice help ? surprise no . how do these myths get started , is someone sitting back and laughing hey i started that lol , enjoy .

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