Sunday, June 8, 2014

how to check the exhaust when buying a used car .tip .

felecia187 rule number one it is your money so learn how not to buy a lemon .
 so you want a second hand car this is one of the best was to tell if you will have problems down the road , to check the exhaust you will need a clean white rag , or white paper towel . make sure the car is running when you do this , now take your cloth and place it over the end of the exhaust so that you cover the hole completely hold it for about two minutes , now take the cloth off and see if there is any color that came out of the exhaust , if the car burns oil and it is black this means that the rings in your motor are gone , now if you get the color blue on your cloth this means the heads are gone , either way do not buy the car , now if your cloth is white then the car burns clean so this is a good indicator that you should buy the car .
black rings are gone .
blue head gasket is gone .
white car is good to buy . 

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