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Saturday, June 21, 2014

how to get fat and stay that way .

felecia187 so you want to get fat and stay that way well you already are , over % 60 of the population of Canada , USA , and even Mexico are morbidly obese some are so huge they can't leave their beds , so they need people to feed them this is more or less there family that feeds them and you guessed it the family are thin , but they feed the big one huge amounts of food until the fat one dies very soon the bigger you get the less you live , you can't move with out pain , you run out of air sooner , you can't play with your kids , you can't be part of your kids lives , you have health issues , but yet you still get fed more then a cow eats , you have your family trained to believe that they are helping you by stuffing 30,000 calories a day down your over-sized throat ,you got issues but don't care about addressing them because food seems to make the truth go away , but not for long , I'M HUNGRY FEED ME , you put a competitive eater to shame , you go through more drive threw then you start to live in your car that has your seat laid all the way back because you have so much fat on your fat back you can't sit up straight to safe your live , but hey you got the live you always wanted , people come to your beck and call , wipe your butt , feed , until you sleep , then they do it for you all over the next day , you ask your wife or husband if they still love your over sized ass , and smile when they lie threw there teeth , all the while they are doing some one else and it ain't you , but at least you are well fed and the talk of the town , hey your famous for your weight maybe you should start a fat channel on the internet and make more money so you can have more food to eat , you would get a huge following of sick men or women who feel that a person like you could make there worthless lives better because they wouldn't have to worry about you cheating on them because no one has enough flour , it's great to be fat your Doctor has no balls to tell you what you really are doing to your self , you get to eat all you want , you don't have a job , your kids will be going to your funeral which they are looking forward to because then they can have a real life living there's and maybe they learned what they don't want to become in live , like the dead fat one , they just buried , the days go by so fast when you repeat them over and over the same way , so how is your sick life , don't worry you can eat away your emotional pain you cause your self , but you can't get rid of the pain you cause your family , or friends Oh wait you have no friends my bad , you cry when someone sees how fat you really are , but food makes it all better , your diabetic with heart problems hey do you smoke also even better , you just may live to see you next birthday and you can have all ten cakes well your prisoners of a family watch the cow eat , hey they don't have a live either because you are not only robbing your self of a great live , you are also robbing them of theirs , don't worry after reading this you can make the pain go away with Oh i got it more food , enjoy your fat lazy life which is passing you and your family you have trained by , FOOD FOOD FOOD . there it makes you feel better doesn't it .

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