Monday, June 16, 2014

how to tell if your cat is stupid .

felecia187 how to tell if your cat is stupid , easy one to do , get a TV and sit your cat in front of it if your cat watches TV then the cat is stupid , here is why cats brains move faster then the TV dose there are 32 frames per second so to put it another way you see 32 different pictures per second on your TV , but since a smart cat brain works faster then humans then they can not see the each picture , OK try this a cat would need far more pictures per second to see a TV like you or i would , now you got it , now if you know anything about breads of cat well orange tabbies will watch lots of TV , now a few strange facts about cats , there sense of smell never turns off , they will always land on there feet , orange tabbies have more toes on each foot , they are inter breed , if you cross a wild cat with a house cat you get a tame cat , not so with dogs you cross a tame dog with a wolf you get a breed that is worse then the wolf , most people who have and allergy to cats really have an allergy to pet dander not the cat , you can not bath a cat every day because it will lose its natural oil for its fur , enjoy .  

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