Monday, June 16, 2014

myths about getting older .

felecia187 so you are getting older so will you become senile ? no keeping an active brain like reading , puzzles , mind games extra will help prevent it . just like your body needs exercise so does your brain . will you need dentures ? no because of dentist and better ways to give our selves better teeth care like oil pulling , better tooth paste . will you get sicker when you get older ? no remember to get your flue shot after 50 . will changing my lifestyle help when you get older ? yes a life of better food and exercise will help at any age . as long as you eat the same when you were young you will stay healthy ? not , you should see how i eat ,scary but i am fit and not fat but i can still eat 23 pancakes at once . i weigh in this morning at 186 lbs .fitness and proper diet even for your brain the old saying use it or lose it works here and your brain needs exercise as much as your body , enjoy .

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