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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

need a hobby collect something

felecia187 so you need something to do so collect something , ideas easy comic books that is what i collect , pens , watches , coins , stamps , you can collect anything be the first to start a whole new type of collecting , when you start collecting start small in price , you must learn that they make fakes and you must know how to spot them , yes even comic books have been faked , as you get more knowledge on what you are collecting , the more of an expert you will become ,Oh did i mention that experts can make money , blog your knowledge , open a web site that you sell your collections on , make videos on how to spot a fake , this way you can be a collector and a seller all at once , no more fun then making money at what you love to do , one person collects famous peoples socks no kidding , so have fun and enjoy .

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