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Friday, June 13, 2014

ten body parts you don't need .

felecia187 these are the ten body parts you do not need .
plica semilunaris , this is what is left of you third eyelid you can find it next to your tear duct .
darwin's point the top of the upper ear found in %10 of people .
body hair .
vomeronasal found in your nose dose nothing .it is a sensor of no use .
wisdom teeth , %35 of people no longer develop them .
auricular muscles , these are to move your ear in the direction of sound but few of us can use them now .
coccyx it is a vertebrae that was used for when we had tails some people still are born with tails .
erector pili the little muscles that give us goose bumps .
appendix this is thought to be an extra stomach .
male nipples use less .
that is the top ten but i can name , finger nails , % 90 of your liver because livers grow back , toe nails , finger prints , %75 of your kidneys , spleen , enjoy .

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