Monday, June 16, 2014

tips on being a competitive eater .

felecia187 so you want to eat lots stay fit and break records , so here is what you do .start training to swallow more then you are use too ,the day before you compete drink 15 liters of water in a couple of hours to stretch you stomach to its max , when you are competing you will be drinking lots of water to wash it down , you must learn to swallow more then you chew so downing large pieces is best , train you gag reflex to let you swallow whole foods , when you are eating hot dogs you break the wiener in half and place both parts into your mouth at once , you dunk the bun into a glass of water , and put into your mouth right after the your wiener , the bun is suppose to wash it all down , not all competitions are how much food you can eat at once , but how much  of some very HOT food you can eat at once , like ghost peppers how many  can you eat ,the more you chew the more you loss , the more you swallow the more they follow , i like , competitive eaters do not eat lots all the time most stick to a healthy diet , this is a competition to better your skill in eating , never stop learning , about what you want to do , enjoy .

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