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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

what is in our drinking water ?

felecia187 this can not be good if you have a fish aquarium then you know that in order for your fish to be healthy you have to add stuff to the water that you drink in order for your fish to live a long healthy life , now if your drinking water will kill your fish then what is it doing to you ? maybe we all should be asking ourselves that question so that we can make drinking water safer for everyone and not just the fish we keep at home , my daughter thought that the fish were cold one day early in the morning so she turned up the fish heater , so at around seven am i smelt fish cooking , Oh yeah they were cooked we even had a convicted fish we called Tommy if you only knew , needless to say we explained to here the importance of taking care of the fish properly , so maybe all the drinking water they deem for us to be safe really isn't enjoy .

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