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Thursday, July 31, 2014

low fat foods do they work ?

felecia187 so do low fat foods cause you to lose weight ? NO sorry this is a myth , so they can sell you this stuff , hay people will buy anything . the foods that are low in fat do not help to fill you up they actually cause you to become more hungry and cause you to eat more , it is a lot like fast food places , or diet pop , it is like this you buy a  box of low fat muffins say 6 to a pack , and each one has 200 calories and 5 per cent fat , so do you eat one , No you eat the whole package because you still feel hungry after just one , now if you had eaten a normal muffin with 400 calories you would have been full , but you ate 6 low fat ones with a total of 1200 calories , easy math , stay away from the low fat , and low in calories , proper diet and exercise are the keys to a healthy life style . enjoy .

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