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Thursday, July 31, 2014

natural herbs are safe or are they ?

felecia187 so a lot of people believe that because it is all natural that it is safe to eat , well no is the answer to this one , people with allergies , yes like me know this is just a myth , i am allergic to many many foods and yes i do eat some things that i am allergic to it all depends on how bad the allergy is to the food i eat , sunflower seeds are a no no period , tomatoes no no period , but i can eat bread but i am allergic to the flour , with this one it depends on how you cook some of the foods i eat , some allergies i have grown out off , such as strawberries this one put me in the hospital at age 11 , not the case anymore , i do use an allergy pill the gift from God as i put it , now i am allergic to everything in the pill , but because of the way it is portioned i have no allergic reaction to it in any way , this pill dose not work for food allergies , but hay fever is gone in 20 minutes freakin awesome pill , so just because something is all natural dose not mean it is safe to eat , some kinds of mushrooms are poison's but they are all natural so do not be fooled by the term all natural on the product do your home work , enjoy .

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