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Thursday, July 24, 2014

why taste is different form person to person

felecia187 so some like hot food some not , the food that we eat is not the same food that everyone on this planet eats , great food is how you believe great food is , some countries have healthy food , some like Canada and the USA don't , what people like when they eat has to do with what they ate when they were children , and what part of the world they grew up in , some places force a type of food on us just to make money , other countries use the natural food because it taste better and is cheaper to make while processed foods cost more and are unhealthy but we can all learn to eat healthy and live a better live , when you stop smoking you taste food better and more full of flavor , then just putting salt on it so you taste something , we should all learn to eat better and not let the big food companies tell us what to eat to make them a profit  so the next time you go out to dinner try something different like real Chinese food not the fact kind either , to live healthy you need to add variety to what you eat this will keep you interested in staying healthy , enjoy .

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