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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

antibiotics truth

felecia187 you see the news and tv saying that some people who are not very smart tell everyone else that antibiotics are bad for you , they say not all bugs need drugs , so let me explain what happens , when you get antibiotics and you will get a certain amount of these pills , now this is where the bad things happen if you do as the doctor says and you finish the bottle , you will have no problem , so we don't need to tell that part again , now when you do not finish the bottle you are now a problem  to the health care system , when you start taking the pills they will kill the virus that is making you sick , now if you stop taking them before the bottle is finished then you will have the virus that survived until you stopped taking them to deal with , so now this left over virus is now a super bug that they can not treat , this is one medicine you must finish your life will depend on it , so the people who don't want you to take antibiotics are the ones who fear you will not finish them , this is why some idiots want doctors to stop giving us antibiotics , and it is actually the fault of the stupid people who didn't finish the bottle that we now have super bugs , finish the bottle and do what your doctor told you to do and we will have no more problems with this issue , enjoy . 

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