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Monday, August 18, 2014

benefits of vitamin C .

felecia187so this is the most taken vitamin it will cure scurvy and scurvy kills about 60 % of the population of the world you need about 90 mg per day , you can get these from broccoli and potatoes , it will help your immune system fight of the common cold , it will help repair cuts , broken bones , tore muscles , it will enlarge your veins and make them work better when it comes to the blood flow of your heart , it even helps with your eyes but you need to take mega doses to help improve your sight 10,000 iu will do it it may also help prevent some forms of cancer , 1000 mg per day will stop the sun from destroying your sight , but more is needed to improve it , there are a lot of benefits in using vitamin C and this may be the most important vitamin that you will ever take , so start today , enjoy .      

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