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Thursday, August 21, 2014

casinos make you spend more money .

felecia187 so you go to the casino like everyone else to win or have fun , but when you leave the casino you spent more then you wanted to , so here is how they do it .
have you ever looked a clock in the casino to find out what time it is , NOT , because there isn't one this way they distract you so you will stay longer and spend more .
they show you when you are there that someone is winning , this makes you think that you can also so you spend more to see if you can win .
when you walk around a casino you see all the bells and lights going off even if the win is small they do this to make you spend more it heightens your senses .
they give free perks , candy , prizes , free rooms for winners , and so on .
they control your camera use they only show winning pay outs in there commercials , this makes you think you will win when you go .
sure some people do win but more people lost so that one person could win if you win a million dollar slot $45,000,000 was put into the slot so you could win one million .
take only the money you will spend at the casino with you leave your credit cards , bank cards at home this way you will only spend what you came with , most people that win big win at 3pm,6pm,9pm,12am and 15 minutes before close my jackpot was won at around 9pm ,set a limit and stick too it , the amount you win depends on how many people are playing the slots in the casino , it is better to play the progressive slots that are hooked up to many other casinos , this is my tip , enjoy .

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