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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dr OZ investigated

felecia187so Dr Oz agreed to show up at a FDA hearing because of the way companies are taking what he says on his show and using it to sell there product , now it is not the fault of Dr Oz that companies are using his name with out his consent to do so , but he is taking the heat for it , which i find is unfair , Dr Oz dose not endorse any of the products on his show and he dose do his homework to see if these claims of how good a product is really work , but companies that sell these products are under handed and using his name to cash in on bigger products , Dr Oz dose not say certain things on his show any more that companies can use to promote there product but it still dose happen , so why isn't the FDA going after these companies and getting them to stop this under handed form of advertizing , i can't answer that because i don't know , but the FDA gets more free press going after Dr Oz then the crooked companies , so the FDA is doing to Dr Oz what the crooked companies are doing to Do Oz , how much more of this dose the good Doctor have to put up with before he starts suing them ? enjoy .

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