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Saturday, August 16, 2014

dust mites how to get rid of them .

felecia187 so you may have dust mites if you are itchy when you go to bed , they are really small and usually can not be seen by the eye , or if you have hay fever and don't know what is causing it , so to get rid of them , vacuum your carpet more often , or get hard wood floors , even better , wash your laundry in hot water to kill them 151 degrees Fahrenheit or higher , and dry in a dryer that is set on high heat , now to get rid of them for good , get an ultraviolet light and set it next to your bed so the light shines on the whole bed , ultraviolet light KILLS DUST MITES DEAD , your problem is now solved the light will get rid of them for good , no more itch , and yes dust mites cause allergies enjoy .

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