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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

eating disorders .and the blame game .

felecia187 an eating disorder is a unhealthy way of eating that affects your underlying health , it can KILL you , that is what an eating disorder means DEATH , anorexia ,is a type of eating disorder , bulimia , and EDONS these are the three types of eating disorders that will KILL YOU , emotional problems will become worst in these people if left untreated there are many ways which these people make them selves believe that what they are doing to KILL themselves is justified , if you are a parent stop the denial of your children s eating disorder and get you and your child help , the problem with kids that have these , is that the parents put it of on the right doctors to fix there kids , many times to save a child of your own you have to fix the family as a whole in order to do that , the reason some children become like this is because of dysfunctional families yes this means parents have to share some of the responsibility of why there child is going threw this , parents need to become informed on what there children need to get better and keep getting better , STOP  the blame game remember knowledge is POWER
 and in this case knowledge will safe you child from living a short life so SAFE your child or BURY your child , a great parent would safe them , a uncaring parent will bury them , get the knowledge , enjoy

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