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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ebola virus what you need to know .

felecia187 is this blood red Oh well , the Ebola virus will kill 90 % of the people it infects , the WHO or world health organization is trying to get this under control , they are failing badly at this , this virus comes from the fluids of fruit bats that the people eat for food , even thou the fruit bad is the main carrier other animals that get infected can also carry the virus , you can't transmit this virus until you show signs of being infected this virus is not air born , you have to be in direct contact with blood , sweat , pee , in other words body fluids in order to catch the virus , the virus will last 2 to 21 days and the sooner treatment starts the better your odds , they have no proven cure right now , they say they need more testing to see if there cure will work now and if it will have an impact later , they treat this virus with electrolytes , and lots of fluids , because it causes dehydration , and internal bleeding , the more they bring home doctors that have been infected the great the chance of it spreading to the rest of the world teaching people in the area of how to prevent this is becoming a huge problem , and because of air travel the bigger the risk that this could go full blown all over the world , many people have died because they refuse to get treatment for this virus , and it can still be transmitted even after you die , it is better to burn the bodies properly then to bury them , in order to get this virus under control the people at greatest risk must be made to cooperate , and killing all the bats may not solve the problem , remember knowledge is power and will save your life get in the know , enjoy .

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