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Saturday, August 9, 2014

FYI how to quit smoking ?

felecia187 so you want to QUIT smoking well it is not easy many people who QUIT will QUIT several times before they finally QUIT for good , this is not an easy thing to do it is like losing weight , but if you keep trying then you will finally QUIT , so here are some tips to help you QUIT , go see your doctor they have things that will help your QUIT , pills , fake smokes , some people get laser  , hypnosis , some QUIT cold turkey , i don't know what it is like to QUIT smoking i never started , i have seen many people who have QUIT  for good , and they do not miss it one bit , the price of a pack of smokes here is $ 15.00 is that enough to QUIT  at one pack a day that comes to $ 450.00 per month or $ 5,400.00 per year this should be enough to get you started , there are many health issues we can talk about here but the truth be told you already know what they are and how they will KILL YOU , so get started you fail , then start again until you finally do QUIT  , enjoy . 

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