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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gel eye masks for allergies do they work ?

felecia187 so you got hay fever so do i this is great well kind of there is a lot written about how gel masks can help with your allergies but they tell you to heat the mask up before you put it on this is because they are IDIOTS  and have never suffered with hay fever in there lives , believe me i know what pain a suffering from hay fever is really like i lit up 90 % on my allergy test this is nothing to be proud of the PAIN and SUFFERING are unbearable at times but good news you want to get this under control as fast as possible your skin gets hot , your pours start to open , your nose and eyes start running , your throat gets itchy get a gel mask that you keep in the refrigerator for just this moment of madness did i mention your hormones get out of whack also PMS this goes for males also , the cold eye mask will work wonders , you need to cool yourself down as fast as possible or your allergy attack will do nothing but get worse over heating for an allergy suffer is what makes it even worse air conditioning is your best friend at this point , the moment you start to cool yourself down , your allergies will start to go away , so if the mask is cool or cold yes it will work , while you are cooling of have a snack you think i am kidding don't you i told you i am experienced with allergies , the snack you eat will stop your nose from running and your eyes from watering up and being itchy i know enough about allergies having lived with them all my live i could write a book on the subject , enjoy .

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