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Friday, August 1, 2014

how to beat the summer heat .

felecia187 it is summer time and it is hot , people don't know this but the best way to beat the heat is to have your body adapt to it , when the prince was training to go to the south pole he spent most of his time in a freezer , this helped his body adapt to the ex-stream cold of the south pole , i worked with a guy who went to live with his mother up north and i mean up north , so when he can back the temperature out side was -14 c and he was running around in shorts and a t-shirt saying that it was to hot , the same can be done for warmer temperatures you have to learn to adapt , dress lightly and wear colors that are also light , stay out side because stale air is hot air , and stale air is in side , drink lots of fluids not pop , warm water yes you heard me warm water , hot tea , drinking warm fluids will help you to adapt faster , wear a hat and sunscreen , enjoy the warm weather and do not drink alcohol this fluid will put you in the hospital really fast , so hang out with your friends and family and enjoy the heat , and remember to drink lots , you know that you are drinking the right amount because your pee will be clear , if it is dark yellow you need to get out of the sun and drink enough water to make your pee clearer dark pee is a sign of heat stroke and should not be taken lightly , enjoy .

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