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Saturday, August 23, 2014

James Foley decapitated

felecia187 James Foley was decapitated by an Islamic murder who aired the video on the internet to make people all over the world know who he stands for , he made a martor  out of this man , now the USA is using James Foley as a martor because they are trying to SELL A WAR to the American people ring any bells there is a better way to get rid of the trash secs like Islamic , it is so simple , here is how you do it you give the women they use for there own sick pleasure and you teach the women education send them to school , because women who are educated do not spread there legs for idiots like the Islamic this and the history of the violence that the Islamic secs have will give women of there culture the power to change the stupidity of there men because if men want to get any they will have to please the educated women first , the only reason the USA goes to war with anyone is to make a huge profit , the USA  is the second largest oil producer on the planet so oil goes up because of there war then the USA makes more money sound familiar to you , the USA is broke there debt out weighs there assets the American government dose nothing for any country unless they can make a buck , still don't believe me north Korea has committed jenicide and murdered over two million of there own people the USA has not dropped one bomb on them nor have they sent in the troops like they did with mad ass , why because there is no money in North Korea for the Americans , the USA has the lying press on there side and you better believe it , don't get it yet when did you ever go to the press and see if they would help you tell your story of how the government is abusing your own children how far did you get the press in Canada and the USA will not print such a story because the government gets sued in the end for there part in the abuse of your children , the internet ticks off the governments of the world because it tells people what really is going on to make a point the internet is the press and the governments of the world know it and hate it so get empowered  and stop this sick war to be before it cost you your children and your money that the USA can't afford to spent , i could write a book on this stuff but for now , enjoy .    

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