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Thursday, August 14, 2014

killer toothpaste

felecia187 so this ingredient is in your toothpaste , mouth wash , hand soap , hair shampoo , heck it is everywhere it was put into products since 1972 , and has been placed in many more since then , it causes cancer in mice but they are trying to down play this by saying that just because it effects mice dose not mean it will effect people , but don't they use mice to test this stuff because if mice get it so will we , so now they are lying to us , shocker , this ingredient kills bacteria in your mouth that causes your gums to bleed , it is found in antibacterial hand soap and other products , some kinds of products do not have to put it on the label , say what , you heard me , the name of this cancer causing ingredient is TRICLOSAN , so if you are using antibacterial soap or toothpaste that stops gums from bleeding then stop , and tell everyone you know about this garbage , enjoy 

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