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Monday, August 11, 2014

microwave this ? Not .

felecia187 these are some things you should never microwave as if we need to be told ,OH we do OK.
aluminum foil . no brain er here .
stainless steel travel mugs , you know someone tried this or it wouldn't be on the list .
Chinese take out boxes . like it wouldn't be gone before you got home .
Styrofoam containers . help I'm melting oooo.
plastic containers because the chemicals can end up in your food . did not know this .
raisins they will smoke .
grapes will start fire .yeah I know you are going to try this one . 
plastic bags who did this one OMG .
eggs in the shell BOOM  got you under pressure .
dried hot peppers if you have an unwanted guest in your house throw these in the microwave it is like mase the fumes will burn there eyes and throat , this could be a good tip that might save your life .enjoy .

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