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Monday, August 4, 2014

natural waste verses processed waste .$$$ dollars .

felecia18 OK you just went shopping and you brought back your future garbage , what a way to say it hits home just like that , this is the way you should look at it , now when you buy oranges you have a biodegradable peel which can be turned into fertilizer , so no waste awesome , now when you buy your morning cereal it comes with in a plastic bag which has your cereal in it that is also inside a box , so now you have plastic and card board to get rid off , natural foods have less waste while processed foods have a lot of waste so the processed foods will create more waste in dollars when you have to pay more in taxes to get rid of it while natural foods create fertilizer that can be sold for lawns , farmers , which you make money on , get the point natural makes you money , processed creates waste that waste your money , you want to be a business man or women then help create a system that creates more money out of waste , enjoy .

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