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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

no2 blast and X-90 explode dose it work ?

donations you want to get in on the new fitness craze that movie stars are supposing to be taken to make themselves huge and cut for there movie roles and of course to get better dates in Hollywood so you take no2 in the morning and X-90 at night this is suppose to increase your hormone level by 170% will help you burn fat , give you increased energy , will build lean muscle mass , sound to good to be true well yes , this hype about this stuff you are suppose to use , you are suppose to also work out at the gym now the movie star has a trainer and a contract to make happen they have to look the way the director wants them to and they have to weigh in at a certain weight , now when you exercise with weight training you already increase your hormonal level , and right away increase your lean body mass , get more energy and this is done without the no2 and X-90 to do this for you , the company that sells this stuff wants to make a buck and yes they airbrush the movies stars , the movies stars do not endorse any of this stuff but the company uses them without there written consent to do so , you can get the same results by exercising and eating healthy you do not need a supplement that is over priced and dose not work , so get fit right and keep your money where it belongs in your pocket , the company wants to make you believe that you can get this way without working out and after you buy there product you will see on the instructions that you have to use this stuff with a weight lifting program and a proper diet , and results may vary from person to person that right there should tell you something is wrong with this over hyped product , so keep your money , enjoy 

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